Access to learning  in the 21st-century is limitless.  And, students know it. This generation is demanding technology . They insist on technology integration:

A Mixed Media Education: Students believe that learning must trigger an audio, visual and tactile experience.  They prefer classrooms that integrate technology to decipher  or enhance educational concepts.

Knowledge Beyond Textbooks: To them, knowledge has expanded beyond the pages of a textbook. These  learners use multimedia sources to investigate, look at, and consume knowledge.  For that reason, they prefer to present content or demonstrate their understanding using  a digital format (i.e., images, video, text, screencast, and audio).

Customized APP Usage: These students are active app users. They already have a cadre of self-identified apps to support their learning style and interest. Many correlate their  apps to learning strategies; it is their method to cope with acquiring new skills or concepts.

Wearable Tech: Though, this technology is in its infancy phase. Students are watching the development of wearable tech closely, and are imaging the possibilities it has to enhance their educational experience.

Students view digital learning as a way to leverage knowledge. The possibilities to them are endless and should be explored in a learning environment, such as a school.

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