What is Homework?

Homework is not an assessment; it is practice. It provides students with an opportunity to replicate or apply skills or concepts in order to master grade-level content. Think of homework as a type of cognitive training to refine a student’s intellectual knowledge and application of grade- level content. The more opportunities students get to practiceContinue reading “What is Homework?”

K-12’s Dilemma with Performance Assessments

School districts across the nation anticipated that Common Core State Standards national tests would resemble a performance assessment.  As a result, K-12 districts pushed for all  their staff to learn how  to design, implement and administer  performance assessments in the classroom. K-12 teachers -across the country- spent many hours learning the ins and outs ofContinue reading “K-12’s Dilemma with Performance Assessments”

Why do Schools Test?

The customary answer to this question is usually: “It’s the law. We are required to give this test.”  Though an accurate statement; this response only partly answers this question.   Actually. assessments are school teachers’ diagnostic tools.  An instructor uses these tools to: Determine if a child can adequately retain new content; Evaluate the learner’s abilityContinue reading “Why do Schools Test?”

Why are Parents Opting Out of Testing?

There is now a growing movement of parents mobilizing against standardized testing. They believe that school districts are sacrificing learning time for data collection.  Along with that, parents do not believe these tests provide sufficient or timely information to improve instruction. Yet, districts insist that this level of testing is vital to determine if students areContinue reading “Why are Parents Opting Out of Testing?”