Site Director

G. Hill is an educational consultant. She provides strategic professional development in change management coaching to district/building administration and faculty to raise academic achievement results and transform school-wide educational practices.

Presently, Ms. Hill is working as an instructional systems designer for the TeacherConvoy. Her role is to create educational courses that help our members learn and evaluate different aspects of K-12 education including: student learning, teaching methods, and classroom dynamics.

She previously was a  program director for Diploma Plus in California. She has a bachelor’s degree in Art History from the University of Massachusetts and a masters in education from Cambridge College.

Areas of Focus: school district trends and leadership, English-language learners, school systems demographics, and  instructional design

Our Volunteer Guest Bloggers: 

The TeacherConvoy’s guest bloggers are educational practitioners, parents, students, and the community. They write brief opinion articles that are interesting, thought-provoking, timely, practical, informative, concise, and complete. Our blog articles inform our readers about K-12 education.  The TeacherConvoy offers no payment for blog articles by professional educators or community members.