Course Type
Micro-Learning Course (1.5 hours)

Developing rapport with students is an important part of the job for educators. This course provides concise overview of rapport in the classroom. Course participants will explore how rapport is established in the classroom and two possible ways to strengthen rapport in the classroom.

Skilled Coverd
Factors Affecting Classroom Management

Why Take this Course
Use this course to brush up on teacher-student relationships. You will review or learn new information about relevant theories and strategies that you can implement in your own classroom.

How it works
Review text-based lessons and take self-assessment quizzes to gauge your understanding and identify any areas in which you need further review. The lessons are accessible whenever you need them.

Module 1 Section One
Section 1 Self-Reflection: Interacting with your students
Section 2 Explore How Rapport is Established in the Classroom
Section 3 A Teacher's Management Style
Section 4 The Research
Module 2 Section Two
Section 1 Displaying Suitable Levels of Dominance
Section 2 Implementing a Cooperative Style
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