This course provides a concise overview of rapport in the classroom. Course participants will explore how a teacher management style impacts classroom rapport and his or her relationships  with their students. 

Course Type:  
Micro-Learning Course (30 minutes)
Skilled Coverd:
Factors Affecting Classroom Management 

Why Take this Course:
Use this course to brush up on your teacher-student relationships. You will review or learn new information about relevant theories and strategies that you can implement in your own classroom. 

How It Works
Review text-based lessons and take self-assessment quizzes to gauge your understanding and identify any areas in which you need further review. The lessons are accessible whenever you need them.

Module 1 Section One
Section 1 Self-Reflection: Interacting with your students
Section 2 Explore How Rapport is Established in the Classroom
Section 3 The Research
Module 2 Section Two
Section 1 Displaying Suitable Levels of Dominance
Section 2 Implementing a Cooperative Style
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