What is Homework?

Homework is not an assessment; it is practice. It provides students with an opportunity to replicate or apply skills or concepts in order to master grade-level content. Think of homework as a type of cognitive training to refine a student’s intellectual knowledge and application of grade- level content. The more opportunities students get to practiceContinue reading “What is Homework?”

Sit-Back and Wait

When I started as a training consultant, I was hesitant about working with non-educational organizations. I was worried that business minded clients would not take me seriously because my primary experience was in education.  I quickly discover that my experience in the educational sector would not be the problem. The biggest obstacle I faced inContinue reading “Sit-Back and Wait”

Phonemic Awareness Skills First

When it comes to learning how to read, the common wisdom is to teach phonemic awareness skills first, then phonics. This is because phonemic awareness is a critical pre-reading skill. Phonemic awareness helps kids understand the sound structure of the English language in order to read printed text. Students with proficient  phonemic awareness skills canContinue reading “Phonemic Awareness Skills First”

Reading by Third Grade is Crucial

It is imperative that all children know how to read  by the end of third grade. This is a crucial developmental milestone for all kids.  A student’s reading level determines his or her ability to obtain new knowledge and retain prior knowledge. It is also predicts how well they will function academically in the upperContinue reading “Reading by Third Grade is Crucial”