Who’s Accountable for a Student’s Behavior?

Student behavior is always an explosive conversation with teachers and parents. Each of these respective groups has fixed opinions on this issue. Educators believe that parents need to do a better job teaching students how to respect adults in a school setting. While parents believe that teachers need to convey a more positive demeanor towardsContinue reading “Who’s Accountable for a Student’s Behavior?”

Undiagnosed Learning Disability (ULD)

An Un-diagnosed learning disability (ULD) is a pre-existing  learning disorder that was not recognized, not tested, or diagnose.  Generally,  ULD vary from individual to individual and may present in a variety of ways. Learning disabilities may manifest as difficulty: (1) processing information by visual and auditory, means, which may impact upon reading, spelling, writing, andContinue reading “Undiagnosed Learning Disability (ULD)”

America’s English Language Learner Population

About 57 percent of U.S.- born adolescents in our public schools are English Language Learners (ELL).  What is interesting about this population of students is that a majority of them are second-or-third generation Americans (Batalova, Fix, & Murray, 2007). Most of their formal schooling comes from the United States’ education system. Their exposure to andContinue reading “America’s English Language Learner Population”