Sit-Back and Wait

When I started as a training consultant, I was hesitant about working with non-educational organizations. I was worried that business minded clients would not take me seriously because my primary experience was in education.  I quickly discover that my experience in the educational sector would not be the problem. The biggest obstacle I faced inContinue reading “Sit-Back and Wait”

What, Then, is an American Individual?

Where did all of these people come from?  They are Native Americans, Pan-Europeans, Africans, Asian, Oceanic, Latino, Transgender, Lesbians, Homosexual, and Heterosexual. What, then, is an American individual?  He or she is  a  mixture of ethnic and social diversity, which you will find in no other country.  Americans were once scattered all over the globe;Continue reading “What, Then, is an American Individual?”

Conditioned to Dislike the Poor

Living in a state of absolute poverty equates to weakness, laziness, and criminal behavior. This is the subliminal message taught to all Americans regardless of age, religious ¬†association, and location. ¬†Lamentably, all of us at any given point in our lives subconsciously agree with this socially constructed message. It is activated in a guiltless andContinue reading “Conditioned to Dislike the Poor”

Are You Hoping For or Expecting a College Opportunity

The Obama administration hosted its second White House College Opportunity Day of Action, emphasizing the need to get more disadvantaged students on the path to college readiness and success. To celebrate this Day of Action, our team held viewing parties for our families and supporters to discuss our commitment¬†to increase college opportunities for our youngContinue reading “Are You Hoping For or Expecting a College Opportunity”