All students misbehave in school. You just have to show them that you’re in charge. Students in your class are out of control because your lessons are not interesting. Maybe, you need to offer them a reward so they will sit still for part of your lesson. This is usually bad advice offered to teachers […]

Student behavior is always an explosive conversation with teachers and parents. Each of these respective groups has fixed opinions on this issue. Educators believe that parents need to do a better job teaching students how to respect adults in a school setting. While parents believe that teachers need to convey a more positive demeanor towards […]

The argument against homework is gaining traction among many school districts and parent groups. Proponents of “no homework policies” argue that extra assignments do not improve student outcomes (i.e., standardized test scores). Research studies indicate there is no correlation between academic achievement and homework. Homework is not an assessment; it is practice. It provides students […]