About Us

The TeacherConvoy is an educational knowledge-share. We recognizes that knowledge sharing constitutes an intangible asset among  individuals who are trying to understand K-12 education. It is our mission to help our members improve their current understanding of K-12 education.

Our work focuses on instructional practices and educational policies. The TeacherConvoy synthesizes research to help our members learn and evaluate different aspects of K-12 education including: student learning, teaching methods, and classroom dynamics. All members have access to the TeacherConvoy’s blog articles and online learning courses taught by G. Hill, an Instructional Systems Designer.

TeacherConvoy was founded in 2000 in Boston, Massachusetts and is headquartered in Sacramento, California.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why the TeacherConvoy?

The TeacherConvoy is an educational knowledge-share. It was developed in response to non-educators need for simple information, analysis, and insight into educational practices, policies, and trends. Many of the current educational sites are targeted to academic practitioners or policy makers. The content can be overly complicated and theoretically-driven.

Our team felt that there was a need for a “content-site” that is tailored to the everyday educational consumer. It is our goal to provide our members with access to simplified “educational” subject matter

Who are Our Bloggers?

The TeacherConvoy bloggers are educational practitioners, parents, students, and the community. They write brief opinion articles that are interesting, thought-provoking, timely, practical, informative, concise, and complete.  The TeacherConvoy offers no payment for blog articles by professional educators or community members. As of 2015, G. Hill will be our main content blogger.

Who are theTeacherConvoy Readers/ Members?

The TeacherConvoy reader/member is an individual that is interested in learning about education, but does not want to deal with the theoretical side of education or its jargon.  They want information that is straightforward and to the point. These educational consumers are simply seeking clarity or are looking to further their understanding on a particular topic.

Are All TeacherConvoy’s Online Learning Courses for Free?

A majority of course are free of charge. The TeacherConvoy will be charging for some courses to cover our operational cost, maintain and improve our work, long-term, so our blog and courses can continue helping members improve their current understanding of K-12 education