Mobile APPS Make Learning Possible for My Child

My family participated in Digital Learning Day at my son’s school. It was fun!  We discovered new apps, played with the latest gaming programs, and learned about the school’s new online courses. It was a great day for learning. This event made me appreciate how far technology has developed over the years.

As a parent, I am thrilled that my child attends a school that has the funds to integrate technology school-wide. You see, my child is a special education student. He has dyslexia and struggles daily with all his school subjects.  All his teachers do a great job working with him, but it is not enough time.  He constantly requires help to keep up with all his classes.

Learning apps are that little extra help he needs to handle the literacy demands of the classroom. He uses text-to talk apps to help him read, write, and to look up or  predict spelling words for his Language Arts assignments. Don’t get me wrong my child uses his textbooks followed by a YouTube video. I truly believe, digital learning has given my son the opportunity to become a better student.

Apps, Smartphones, and tablets are welcomed at my son’s school, and it has made a difference in his learning.  I understand that my son is in a unique situation, and  I am glad for it.

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